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Mark Corners

Upoint lets you control the cursor on any and all screens by simply pointing your phone at where you want the cursor to be, just like a laser pointer - but an interactive one. To do this, the App needs to know where the Screen is. This allows the app to calculate where on the Screen you're pointing your phone. One way to accomplish this is by using the Mark Corners mode.


Completely Free!

While the LinkSlide is more convenient, the Mark Corners mode is completely free of charge, and only takes slightly longer to set up. As with the LinkSlide mode, the Mark Corners mode tells the Upoint App where the corners of the Screen are. The user does this by precisely aiming the phone (either in Portrait or Landscape mode) at the Screen's corners and 'marking' them from a few positions a meter or so apart.

Use the Crosshair

Each corner is color-coded, and should be 'marked' in the prescribed order. Once marked, Upoint uses Augmented Reality to calculate where and how large the Screen is in 3D. Care should be taken that the marked corners form a rectangle with vertical and horizontal sides. Not very good at aiming? Don't worry: hold down the camera button for 2 seconds to delete all corners - and simply try again.


Augmented Reality

Once the Upoint App has enough information to calculate where the Screen is, it lets you know by using Augmented Reality to display a series of red rectangles on top of where it thinks your Screen is. The match doesn't have to perfect - Upoint automatically compensates for small mismatches. Just acknowledge Upoint found the right solution, and off you go!

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