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Setup View

Upoint lets you control the cursor by pointing your iPhone at where you want the cursor to be. For this, Upoint needs to know the Screen's size and position in 3D. In the Opening View, the user can indicate which method to use to provide this data: 1) take pictures of a LinkSlide, 2) scan a Venue Code, or 3) mark the corners manually.

For an explanation of what the various on-screen buttons are for, click here.



Arguably the easiest way for a user to tell Upoint the position and size of the Screen is by using the LinkSlide functionality. When pressing the appropriate button on the Opening View, the Upoint Driver receives instructions to display 4 QR codes on the Screen that mark its corners. The user than merely has to take pictures of that Screen to tell Upoint all it needs to know. Depending on the iPhone model one or more pictures may be required, taken from multiple positions a few meters apart.

The LinkSlide functionality can be acquired through an in-app purchase, and can be tried out for free for a limited duration

Venue Code

When the Venue that hosts the Presentation has acquired a Venue QR code, it will be typically be mounted close to the Screen. This Code holds all the required information on the 3D position and size of that Screen, all relative to the 3D position of the Code itself. As a result, the user can simply scan the Code, and Upoint will take care of the rest. 


Mark Corners

Since the Screen is assumed to be a rectangle with horizontal and vertical sides, it can be uniquely determined by drawing 3 lines through its corners, from 2 different positions. For redundancy purposes, and to account for inaccuracies, Upoint's Mark Corners method requires the user to use the iPhone's camera and the crosshair to accurately "mark" each of the 4 corners. If an error is made, the user can hold down the camera button for 2 seconds to delete all data, and start again. 

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