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Turn your iPhone into an Interactive Laserpointer with Upoint: instead of a laserdot that's only (and often hardly) visible on just one screen, Upoint lets you control the cursor on any and all screens by simply pointing your phone at where you want the cursor to be.  

For Upoint to work, a Upoint Driver needs to be installed and running on the PC or Mac that you wish to use. The PC needs to have Microsoft's .NET installed - which is typical for modern PCs.

For best results, the PC or Mac needs to have BlueTooth, and share a WiFi network with the iPhone. Any FireWall needs to be disabled.


Upoint.exe + QRCoder.dll

A zip file with Upoint.exe and QRCoder.dll, to be unzipped in a single folder. This is the Driver that will connect iPhone and PC. You'll need Microsoft .NET to be installed (if it's not, the Driver won't run). You can download the latest version of .NET for free here.


The Upoint Driver for the Mac. The Driver will connect iPhone and Mac. It can be downloaded for free at the App Store .


Upoint App

Upoint is currently unfortunately only available on iPhones. We're working hard on getting an Android version out. Click below to go the the Appstore, and get Upoint for free!


Setup QR Code

If you want to setup a Venue QR Code that stores the Screen details (so that user only needs to scan that code), you will need this Setup QR code. The App will guide you in how to download and use the Setup code, but you can also download it directly.

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