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Alignment. Upoint relies on Augmented Reality (AR) to establish the position and size of the Screen in the Real World. On occasion, AR may get out-of-sync with the Real World, causing the AR Screen to appear to be 'drifting away' from its Real World equivalent. Once the Screen has been established, "drifting" can be avoided or remedied in three different ways:

1) Auto Realign. When set, the AR world will be automatically realigned to the Real World every time the CursorControl button is pressed. To do this, Upoint assumes the user is pointing at the last position of the cursor when the Cursor Control button is pressed. This is the preferred mode for older iPhones that have less computing power to maintain coherence between AR and Real World.

2) Manual Realign. When set, the user can use the Manual Realign-button to cause a blue dot to flash in the Screen center. The phone should then be pointed at the blue dot to realign the AR world with the Real world. This is the preferred mode for iPhone X and up, and provides the most intuitive laserpointer-like behaviour.

3) Fixed Position. When set, Upoint assumes the relative position of phone and Screen to not change. This is the preferred mode if the user presents from behind a lectern.

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