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Venue QR Code

Upoint lets you control the cursor on any screen by simply pointing your phone at where you want the cursor to be, just like a laser pointer - but an interactive one. To do this, the App needs to know where the Screen is. One way to accomplish this is by storing this information in a so-called Venue Code placed close to the Screen. If the Venue you're presenting at has acquired such a code, you can scan it to tell Upoint all it needs to know.


Scan the VenueCode

First, locate the Venue Code. It should be positioned on a vertical wall, somewhere close to the Screen. Use the square in the Setup View, position the camera such that it encompasses the Venue QR Code, and press the camera button. Keep scanning from different positions some half a meter apart, until the code is recognized. The Screen will automatically pop up and be visible as red rectangles  in Augmented Reality overlaying the Real World Screen.

Augmented Reality

Once the Upoint App has enough information to calculate where the Screen is, it lets the user know by using Augmented Reality to display a series of red rectangles on top of where the App thinks your Screen is. The match doesn't have to perfect - Upoint automatically compensates for small mismatches. The user can acknowledge Upoint found the right solution by pressing the appropriate button - or delete all data by holding down the camera button for 2 seconds, and try again.

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