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VenueCode trial. Upoint lets you control the cursor on any screen by simply pointing your phone at where you want the cursor to be. To do this, the App needs to know where the Screen is. One way to accomplish this is by storing this information in a so-called Venue Code placed close to the Screen. If the Venue you're presenting at has acquired such a code, you can scan it to tell Upoint all it needs to know.


To test the VenueCode functionality, the Venue may choose to acquire a free Trial VenueCode. If you scan this, you can operate the Upoint App for a limited time, after which you'll need to either re-scan the TestVenueCode or use another method to tell Upoint where the Screen is, such by using the marking its corners (always free), or using a LinkSlide (in-app purchase).

The information contained in the last acquired Venue QR Code is stored in Settings.

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